Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How Cool Is That? 

Babyshambles ex-manager: It wasn't me. Because he totally wasn't even there during that one recording session that one time Kate did coke.

We don't get it either, but it sure is neat. Small people; big food. (via cityrag)

Hey look! A Hurricaine!

Judge finally strikes down Georgia poll tax.

Pitchfork vs. Lightning Bolt

Pitchfork vs. Arab Strap.

No wonder she was so "supportive" of Sienna. Sadie schemes her way back in.

Hmm...I'm sure I'm forgetting something here, but I just can't put my fingaz on it.

Cobb County denies its prayers are to a Christian God.

The Rachael Ray Overexposure Project has begun. Really pointless article.

Apparently Bono actually wears those sunglasses for a reason. Other than appearing übercool, that is. (last item)

And the farce continues.

Take this: your cat may be allergic to you.

Wensleydale remains close to Wallace's heart and belly.

Introducing Cold River Vodka. From Maine.

Wedding dress? Check. Religion? Check. Uterus? Check. Friends? Check. Tom Cruise nears completion of his total takeover of Katie Holmes previous identity.

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