Friday, October 07, 2005

I Swear One Day We're Gonna Leave This Town 

The Fat Asian Baby has been reading with some interest about the recent terrorist threat against NYC subways. Don't get us wrong, unlike others we know, FAB actually enjoys riding the subway. The NYC subways are climate controlled which is more than we can say for the Paris Metro, the only other form of mass transit with which we have significant experience. And we find that the usually gentle rhythm is relaxing. Furthermore, riding the subway (albeit not so much during rush hour) provides ample opportunity for one of FAB's favorite passtimes, listening to a soundtrack of our choice while artfully pretending to be uncannily oblivious of the existence of other straphangers while really just checking them out behind the safety of sunglasses. Being naturally skeptical, we're not so sure what to make of the alleged threat given the political climate of late. However, we have always wondered why someone hadn't already thought to bomb the subway before seeing as how it seems like a piece of cake to our feeble terrorist minds. Step 1. Buy Metrocard. Step 2. Go through turnstyle. Step 3 (optional). Board train if you're feeling ambitious. Step 4. Detonate bomb. Whoa snap.

We were both amused and bemused to receive the following email this morning from former roommate D. who, until he quit his shite job at Pole Up Our Ass LLP which drove him to spend time convalescing on a hippie farm in Costa Rica, was actually a rather clean cut, if perpetually stoned looking, kid:
so it finally happened: i got stopped this morning on the way to work. the conductor thought i was suspicious (beard and bag and my book called "the one straw revolution") and held the train at bway lafayette until cops came and asked me to get out of the car. they asked me where i lived, whats in teh bag, and saved my place in my book as i showed them teh sneakers and computer that were in the bag. they were very nice and apologetic. the whole situation was rather absurd. its a good thing i wasn't doing my arabic homework. or wearing my suicide bomber costume.
the book is about a japanese farmer

And then the following response from other former roommate G., who, and this doesn't really have anything to do with anything, is Armenian, FAB's second favorite ethnic group after Jews, and whom FABMommy consistently refers to as Palestinian for no immediately apparent reason:
strong work freedom fighter.

Strong work indeed.

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