Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Menace II Society 

Preston of Kiss Atlanta just posted this recap on MySpace. For a little background, FAB will attest to the fact that Preston is 6'4", about 145 lbs, and rips around town in an electric wheelchair. Anyway, in his own words:
"Tonight [Tuesday], I find yet another APD cruiser parked in a handicapped spot. I inform the officer that he's in the ramp access for the adjacent van accessible handicapped spot and that he's also blocking the ramp. He says if someone needs it he'll move his cruiser... but until then he's going inside for some coffee with the other 5 cops that just pulled up. I ask for him to call his supervisor... he tells me to call them. I get frustrated and say "You can either be cool about this or you can continue to be a dick..." The other cops laugh and tell him he should arrest me. For using the word dick. I call his supervisor while he's inside. I sit behind his car taking pictures on my cell phone... he gets word the supervisor is on the way and goes to move his car. I'm blocking his way. He tells me to move... I refuse until his supervisor arrives... he drags me out of the way and then the 5 of them start to handcuff me and pull me out of my chair. I quickly tell them they'll injure me if they pick me up by my arms... so they laugh and say they'll have me sent to grady where I'll go into the hospital lock-up (with the psychiatric inmates I'm assuming) and I'll stay there for two days to teach me a lesson about calling a cop a dick. They pull my cell phone away from me. Delete the pictures I've taken. Hit ignore on the phone when my dad's trying to call me because I just woke him up telling him I might be arrested. Then they drop the phone on the ground and laugh how it's an expensive phone.

Supervisor arrives and asks how we can resolve this because it's going to make everyone look bad. I ask for a written appology. He goes over... they argue it out for a while... all the cops vow to back up the offending officer. The officer refuses to appologize and arrests me without taking me into custody.

I've just been arrested for Disorderly Conduct

DC-7 and DC-8...

one for refusing to move my chair while taking pictures of him trying to leave the spot... and the other for calling him a dick (apparently they considered those "fighting words" which is actually a violation of public conduct).

I go to court October 12th. The supervisor refused to write the officer a citation for parking illegally in a handicapped spot. According the the supervisor I spoke with... since the officer was on duty... only a grand jury can indict him for a crime commited on duty.

God Bless America folks...

... next Tuesday night... you bet your ass I'll be out drinking."

Love it.

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