Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Saddle Squeaks Again 

  • Saddle Creek has unveiled its compilation Katrina relief CD, Lagniappe.

  • Track listing:
    Cursive – “Ten Percent to the Ten Percent”
    Maria Taylor and Andy LeMaster – “Breathe”
    Criteria – “Booketa”
    The Elected – “San Francisco Via Chicago Blues”
    Broken Spindles – “Move Away (Broken Spindles Remix)”
    Cocoon (Jake Bellows and Todd Fink) – “She’s a Ghost”
    Bright Eyes – “Napoleon’s Hat”
    The Faint – “Hypnotised”
    Orenda Fink – “No Evolution (acoustic)”
    Mayday – “Footprints”
    Sorry About Dresden – “Sunrise: Norfolk, Virginia”
    Two Gallants – “All Your Faithless Loyalties”
    The Good Life – “New Year’s Retribution”

    All profits from the CD will be donated to Red Cross relief efforts. The CD is available now at iTunes and will be in stores October 25th.

  • Emotionally tortured high school girls and the sympathetic boys that love them get ready: Brights Eyes with Feist (ew!) and the Magic Numbers will be at the Georgia Theatre in Athens on Wednesday, Nov. 16th. Tickets can be bought from the Man or from Front Gate Tickets.

  • Orenda Fink will be at the Earl with Neva Dinova on Wednesday, October 26th.

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