Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Take It or Leave It 

Enter the Spederline sex tape. Actually, please don't.

Dine for America tonight.

Hey Joe, I think I smell a hit reality tv series here.

Lions, and tigers, and Janet, oh my!

Elizabeth Spiers sells out.

Fiona Apple vs. Fiona Apple.

An Oregon woman whose doctor convinced her that he could cure her lower back pain by having sex with her is suing him and his medical clinic for $4 million, according to legal documents obtained on Monday. I, uh, oh nevermind.

Gromit Gromit Gromit Gromit Gromit! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Pitchfork reviews the Sun's DVD-only album and finds it very eh.

Bono inches forward in his quest for world domination.

Franz Ferdinand are pretty sure Glaswegians can't live up to their superduperfantasticallyamazing selves.

Damon Dash gets into a brawl over, uh, editorial issues. No seriously.

The paparazzi are the new Jews.

Lindsay Lohan en plastique
. No seriously.

Where in the world are Demi's boobies?

"It's insane! And it's Will Smith - like, ewww! He's just not exciting anymore, and half the weeklies don't write about him."

Anybody remember the OJ Simpson trial?

The beginning of the end of Eminem.

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