Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Verily FAB Is Destined For Hell 

I know I shouldn't joke about terrorist bombings and death because, quite frankly, they just aren't very funny at all. Except for this:
"The terrorist group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi posted an Internet message on Tuesday claiming responsibility for the bombings in Sulaimaniya and for the Baghdad bombings on Monday, which it said were directed at "the crusaders and their midgets" and which killed at least six people."

Crusaders and their WHAT?

I'm sorry, but that's funny. Inappropriate, yes, but funny. Kind of like when my tenth grade health teacher passed around rubber models of tumor-riddled testicles and breasts for us to familiarize ourselves with the sensation of fondling tumor-riddled testicles and breasts and honestly, they simply killed (groan, no pun intended, seriously). The teacher seemed shocked and disappointed that we couldn't handle the exercise with the appropriate degree of maturity and decorum. I still maintain that I do not think I will ever attain the level of maturity where lumpy, disembodied testicles do not make me crack up. And I really am sorry for that.

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