Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Edition 

Okay, okay, folks, somehow it's that time of the week again. And what a weekend it will be. Friday night we have some sort of bike ride thing leaving from 97 Estoria at 10:30 and will end up at Lenny's for the Friday night dance party. The ride and party is a benefit for the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative, a nonprofit do-it-yourself community workshop whose mission is to create equitable access to cycling by providing no/low-cost bicycle maintenance services and education. We're not quite sure who they are or exactly what it means, but it sounds good to us. And we strongly suspect they might be affiliated with those crazy bikers in the black speedos. And that sounds good to us.

If biking isn't your thing, head over to Lenny's a bit earlier to catch Tora Tora Tora. FAB caught them for the first time last week with Snowden and had our socks knocked clear off our toes.

Speaking of Snowden, they'll be doing it up for the second night of the aforementioned Other Sound Festival, tonight at the Earl for the Tom Collins' CD release party. Also playing will be the Close, Citified, the Psychic Hearts, Blake Rainey, and An Epic at Best. Music starts at 7:00pm.

Let us not forget that all day Saturday is the Great Beer Tasting Festival.

Saturday night the Other Sound Festival moves to Lenny's where you can catch the Heart Attacks, the Orphins, Heros Severum, the Positions, Jane Francis, and Cassavetes. Music allegedly starts at 2:00pm.

Believe it or not, FAB will be setting up camp at the Earl for the Ambulance LTD/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show. Perhaps we've mentioned this before (cough).

The Rolling Stones and Wilco (what?) will be at Philips Arena (what?).

Sunday night catch the Nintendo Fusion Tour with Fall Out Boy, the Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, Boys Night Out, and Panic! At The Disco at the Tabernacle.

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