Thursday, October 06, 2005

What a Long Strange Trip 

It may finally have come to Britney's attention that the guy who ran out on his pregnant girlfriend and small child to marry her is actually an immature, free-loading, worthless piece of shit.

Fuck porcelain veneers, what we really need here are diamond and platinum teeth. Obvs.

Even the Conservatives start to turn on...Hey look! Terrorists!

Courtesy of Page Six: Which surgically-enhanced starlet ate Ex-Lax every day on the set of her recently-canceled TV show in a desperate bid to stay svelte? Ew.

AUC student shot to death at Northside and West Paces Ferry.

New high-tech coaster signals the bartender when it senses you need a refill.

Apparently yeo is illegal even if you're a supermodel.

Tired of Kate getting all the attention, Pete Doherty tries to start somethingt.

Clayton County digs up 15 pounds of Meth from some dude's yard.

Pitchfork does My Morning Jacket.

"So who were those faggots?"
Muhammed Ali, on meeting the Beatles and posing for photos with them in the early 1960s. (via Popbitch)

The Darkness find redemption. Smirk.

"When did we get to this place where we spend $1,000 on a bag?" Good question, Nina. But FAB still wants a Chloe Paddington.


Yup, FAB arch-enemy Michelle Williams STILL pregnant.

Interestingly, what Monaco thought was a good idea - posing - on the way up in her career doesn't seem so hot now. No, I suppose not.

How did this happen? Wait, wait, don't answer that.

The Simpson/Lachey helper monkeys still desperately trying to carry on with the masquerade.

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