Monday, October 17, 2005

A Work In Progress 

"Dr. Sunken Tits" sees herself for the first time.

Snow White and the Seven Gnomes.

Celebrity Bulge Blog.

Kermit and the City.

FAB's three loves: fashion, musicians, and the NYTimes Magazine.

Perez Hilton hearts Butch Walker

Pitchfork bows down before David Byrne. Boards of Canada earn a respectable 7.6 from the judges.

The late great August Wilson gets his own theater.

Apparently Germans have the right idea.

Speaking of Germans and sex: Where Babies Come From (via Planet Dan).

Pete Doherty to set foot in rehab.

The White Stripes. New Single. Next Month. Yawn.

Stream Greenday's DVD trailer.

Roller derby makes a comeback. Speaking of which, the Atlanta Rollergirls will be having a fundraiser to support their next bout at the Drunken Unicorn this Thursday featuring Slushco, Kill Gordon, and the Judies.

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