Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Darling, You're Exposed! 

Apparently Jessica and Nick were so busy admiring themsleves that they forgot to sign a prenup. Let the fun begin.

Jack White knocks up new wife.

Christina Aguilera considering changing her name to Maria Bratman cause that's like, you know, slightly less goyische sounding and all. Also plans to put a bun in the oven asap.

Bat-crazy love only lasts a year.

"Thanks to Yale, I didn't wake up butt naked in a chateau wearing handcuffs, thinking, 'Why am I here — with a headache?!' Who would have thought an Ivy League education would have come in handy that way?" Well since you put it that way...Go Lions!

The little magic trolls responsible for the Whitney Biennial, that orgy of American contemporary artistic Americanness, suddenly and inexplicably discover Europe.

And the countdown to the Boy George/George Michael catfight starts now.

Now you can own Jerry Garcia's dishwasher. Sweet.

Cheeseter du jour Kristen Cavallari gets an extra fifteen minutes.

Finnish computer science students bring the guitar to air guitar.

Yet another suspect escapes APD custody.

Cookshop ain't half bad.

Oooh Honey, look: Holiday Remixes from DFA Records.

Despite all appearances, the man, he's got a plan.

Across the country, colleges are trying to reposition themselves to attract more high-quality students and raise their national profiles. But perhaps nowhere is this more challenging than in the South, where university officials often find themselves struggling to temper Confederate imagery without alienating alumni and donors determined to uphold their heritage.

Wages still lag in the South.

Has Julie Andrews been hitting the crack pipe or something?

CYHSY go vinyl

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