Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The End of An Era 

Tara Reid takes little Kirsten Drunkst under her wing.

More Africans dying from hunger and malnutrition today than before.

In related news, apparently giving up food is starting to affect Angelina's ability to, um, walk.

Piedmont Parking Deck declares victory.

Stream Stereophonics.

Watch out New York! Apparently city officials have let Federscuzz through customs. FAB hopes he starts break dancing in the streets.

Now that they're all domestic-like, Xtina and Britney have kissed and made up. Boo.

Mariah leads AMA Nominees.

Crazy Christians keep sending bibles to Hermione in a bid to bring her back to the Muggle moral code.

WHICH hip-hop mogul has a group of women he calls "The Chickenheads" who are employed solely to provide oral sex whenever he wants? No wonder his "girlfriend" left town.

WHICH squeaky-clean young singer/actress was overheard snorting cocaine in the ladies' room at a recent concert at Bowery Ballroom?

GSU prof faces child porn charges.

Pitchfork digs the Armenian output and Lil' Kim's Naked Truth.

The Sherry Netherland teeters on its death bed.

50 Cent's press junket for his new film Get Rich or Die Tryin' court testimony reveals he lived authentic ghetto lifestyle before finally becoming v. v. rich.

Alex Turner tops NME's Cool List 2005.

When TiVo met iPod.

Chris Whitley succumbs to lung cancer.

Bob Dylan's university poems sold to the highest bidder.

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