Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First Seals Club 

As he nears his 70th birthday, Woody Allen says his relationship with Soon-Yi has "more paternal feeling to it." FAB prefers to think of it that way too.

The armadillos, they are a-comin'.

Hindus not that happy about new Christmas stamp of Hindus worshipping the Jesus.

Liz Hurley painfully insecure about her figure. No word about her pizza face.

U CAN touch this.

We Are Wolves win the day at Pitchfork.

Even Stella McCartney wants you to stop clubbing baby seals. FAB wants Chloe.

Ever wonder what happens to stolen art? Just ask the Getty Museum.

Leo and Gisele call it quits once again. Melania may be with mini-Trump.

And we thought it would never come to this.

James F!@#$%^ Friedman's Go Commando! mixes Annie, Bloc Party, and other party friendly beats.

Ron Isley faces up to 26 years in the pen.

Aquarium tickets go on sale today.

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