Monday, November 21, 2005

Funny How I Already Had This Image Saved On My Hard Drive From Last Year 

For the first time ever, FAB will not be venturing up to Westchester for Thanksgiving. We've got the whole New York Suburban Jew thing down pat, so we decided that it was time to experience a good old fashioned Southern family-style Thanksgiving. Due to unexpected last minute scheduling changes, the old fashioned Southern family-style Thanksgiving we had planned to attend will not be taking place as usual. In an unrelated conversation, the Highly Alarmist Roommate casually mentioned that while driving down Cheshire Bridge, she noticed that Nasters, our neighborhood Gentlman's Club*, will be hosting a Thanksgiving buffet. The wheels in our head, they are a-turnin'.

*Though, truth be told, there is more than one neighborhood gentlemans club in this here neighborhood.

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