Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Heavy Notes 

"She's sold her soul and betrayed her country. Hacking her to death would not be good enough." Ouch.

Kate Moss and her bite size boobies.

Lawyers target Coke targeting schools.

Guy invents teen repellant.

The MJ meltdown continues. Oh yeah, and those white kids, they're not really his.

Hollywood's happy swingers continue swinging right along into the next warm bed.

Britney sends Xtina a guide to making your marriage, uh, last or something.

Bono or Swayze: who first popularized the mullet?

Pitchfork reviews Death Vessel's label debut, Stay Close.

Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album (Thanks Matt Musick)

Colin Meloy perpetuates major signing rumors in Prefix interview.

Kimberly Stewart breaks off 11 day engagement to Talan. Now hopefully both can disappear into irrelevency again.

Aaron Spelling’s Nurse: I Was Defenseless Against His 82 Year Old, 73 lb Sexual Advances!

Something Jewish reviews Matisyahu's London debut.

Harry Potter admits to being mobbed by crazed Australian LOTR fans who think he's Frodo.

NashvilleZine interviews Sound Team. (They'll be at the Earl tomorrow night.)

Indie Interviews' Garrison Reid chats up The Octopus Project.

Listen to the new Jenny Lewis track Born Secular here. (via Fluxblog)

The Fatales are out of the studio with a darker, more mature sound.
Listen to one of their new tracks, Darkened Country.
FAB on the Fatales

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