Thursday, November 03, 2005

In An Ancient Tradition 

Madonna claims it's dabblers like Paris who are damaging Kabbalah's credibility and not, uh, other highly-visible not-otherwise-Judaism-practicing celebrities or something.

Perhaps Scooter Libby can spend the next few years writing a sequel to his 1996 literary masterpiece, the tale of a Japanese inkeeper and young girls being raped by bears, shagged by their uncles, and hot man on deer action.

Hair bands make a comeback.

Katie pulls her own strings for once.

The US leads in medical errors.

Kate Bush speaks.

Apparently Leo digs Sienna's new do too. And femalefirst digs waaaay into their photo archives.

Apparently Robert Downey Jr. fails to grasp the concept behind camping.
And of course Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have to have a secret sex tape. (via Popbitch)

Federscuzz still wants to be a rapper.

Someone opened a new place on Rivington and forgets to bring the Asian.

Someone at Pitchfork thinks AFX's Hangable Auto Bulb is pretty darn good.

Tyra Banks pretends to be fat.

The White Stripes do Coke.

Guy sues Home Depot for being glued to the toilet. In other news, guy publicly admits being glued to the toilet.

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