Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh Those Crazy Mormons 

Toothy Tile on his gay cowboy movie: "I think the people who haven't seen the movie tend to go, 'It's the gay cowboy movie, but when they walk out of the movie, that isn't even an issue. It's much more about love than sex. To me, their sexuality is a way of consummating that intimacy between two people."
Related: We've already shown you these pictures from the movie, but they probably bear a second look now.

FAB never got this treat or trick.

John Mayer desperately phone stalked Kanye West and even made up a little diddy about just how desperate he was.

Denver votes to become a Mile High City.

Ice-T on Omarosa: "What the fuck has that ho done?"

Statesboro bans happy hour.

Omarosa on Ice-T: "Real hip-hop artists - the ones that are true to the art form - do not resort to playa hating."

Electric wheelchair confiscated for drunken wheeling.

Parent appalled to discover child's web of lies on MySpace.

Rufus Wainwright to play a not-so-secret secret show tomorrow night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

L.Lo does Leto

NY Pops founder Skitch Henderson to conduct the big orchestra in the sky.

And despite his colorful backstory, it seems time to drop the two-bit caricatures and puff pieces and return to the brilliant, unearthly voice that earned Antony his accolades in the first place.

50 Cent defends Bush against Kanye because "New Orleans was meant to happen. It was an act of God." Yeah, God, and a lot of really bad planning, poor resource allocation, turning the other ear, corruption, and global warming.

A-Rod's high stakes gambling addiction.

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