Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Throw the Jew Down the Well 

Spederline once again overshadows Xtina.

Cast your vote in the PLUG Independent Music Awards.

Pitchfork calls DFA's Romance Bloody Romance the worst release of 2005. I smell blood.

Stop the Presses: Posh's titties are, like, totally fake!

Jacko thinks Jews are moneysucking parasites. How original.

The Strokes secret New York show rumors continue. Out: Joe's Pub. In: Irving Plaza. FAB wants in.

Georgia Aquarium finally opens its doors.

Oh. Ok. Leto and LiLo not getting married after all. In fact, who said they were even dating? Can somebody please tell me why Leto still gets A-List hooha? I mean really.

Somebody please tell Bai Ling she's embarrassing the Asians.

Damian Kulash, of the band that every non-female hipster who won't call himself a hipster over the age of 16 loves to hate, is guest blogging at Coolfer. Hey, FAB dug the dancing video.

Former Emory med student gets 2 years for exposing partners to HIV.

"Just because it is rated 'mature' doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it for your kids," says child-rearing expert, Curtis Jackson.

50 Cent, looking kinda, um, gay.

Go cock-free for three if you want in the priesthood.

Oh, so NOW she wants to pop out some puppies. Too little, too late, Jen.

The Mets deal for Delgado.

Women spend 60 days in bed for research. Mmm, sweet, sweet research.

Flat Pack refugee housing by SHRIMP. (via boing boing)

Ralph Fiennes caught sucking face with Gina Gershon. So, um, yeah.

FAB wants spicy sweet potato pancakes for Hannukah Thanksgiving.

Almost sounds as though Sienna and Jude are already married.

Hot middle school teacher pleads guilty to sex with student. Student probably still getting pats on the back for nailing hot middle school teacher.

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