Monday, December 19, 2005

Blogmukkah Blogged 

Over the weekend, FAB had the pleasure of venturing back into her old haunts and attending Blogmukkah05 hosted by [decentcontent]. Despite our inherent awkwardness in social situations involving more than three people whom we've never met before and fewer than seven alcoholic beverages to our name, we met lots of lovely folks. To cap off our triumphant return to the area, we had a late night drunken run-in with Former Roommate D., looking like ever the inebriated terrorist, on the corner of Essex and Rivington and faithful friend Gina, true to form, ended up getting to know another party goer a little more intimately when we ran into him later on at Dark Room*.
Check out the Blogmukkah pictures. Mercifully we're not in any of them. That afternoon we'd been forced to submit to the annual torture of the family Holiday photo where we were once again reminded that we're the fattest member of the FAB family clan for the sixth year running.
Party recaps here.

*which incidentally has had the most unfortunate renovation, if you can call it that.

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