Monday, December 05, 2005

Cry Me A River 

Live 8 honchos had absolutely no idea that Anna Nicole would, like, show up totally blitzed out of her mind and not really wearing much. In other news, Live 8 honchos didn't catch the 2004 AMAs.

J. Timberlake hires vocal coach to make a man out of him.

Hey, you gotta admire Pete Doherty's perseverance. Or something.

Caterers serve foie gras at Audubon Society gala.

Pitchfork interviews Wolf Parade.

Welcome to Wookiepedia.

Watch Sigur Ros' Reykjavik gig and Richard Ashcroft's new video "Break the Night with Colour."

"It's not that I feel self-conscious, it's that I feel like my booty should be shown on special occasions, for special people."

The NY Times' Style mag has ScarJo for the holidays.

If you haven't already downloaded the new Strokes effort, you can get it here. (via Spencer)

Madonna quits hunting after she makes the earthshattering discovery that all them bullets she's been firing into the air might actually hit something.

The Rainbow Coalition to henceforth be known as the Jolie-Pitts.

Men get drunk and thump chests at some sort of NASCAR event. At Marquee.

Some 32 year old divorced Brazilian dude marries into the Onassis money family.

No-diet diet and polygymous marriage. FAB's joining the Mormons.

Stream and download new Iron and Wine/Calexico live sets.

Marilyn Manson finally makes Dita Von Teese an honest woman.

New Beck tracks

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