Wednesday, December 14, 2005

FAB Faces Yet Another Moral Quandry 

Some of you may remember the Fat Asian Baby's last major ethical dilemma. Even though we never posted an update, we're confident most of you can safely surmise how that situation resolved itself. This week, our hero finds herself facing yet another ethical dilemma, only this time with potentially real consequences. FAB has been invited to what promises to be a fun Blogmukkah celebration to kick off the launch of [decentcontent]. While we have no overbearing reason to be particularly loyal to [decentcontent], its people seem like good people.

The reasons we've been dying to attend are that it will give us an opportunity to hang out (and by "hang out" we mean get exceedingly tanked") with dear buddy Gina before she heads back to the frigid steppes of Wisconsin for the Holidays, and we just like drinking with other people who are likewise so socially inept and at the same time so narcissistic and self absorved that they've turned to the internet for effective communication with themselves. Throw in some tequila shots and you have yourself a good time. Which is not even to mention that Former Roommate D's new roommate, an excellent chef we might add, is cooking up a latke extravaganza on Sunday morning. We think it goes without saying that FAB is staunchly pro-fried potatoes. We had it all planned out: blogger debauchery on Saturday night, crash with Former Roommate D., then stuff ourselves silly with latkes on Sunday before heading back to chezFABNY.

So what's the dilemma, you ask? Well, FAB was planning on driving from Atlanta to New York on Friday so as to arrive just in time for said Blogmukkah festivities. However, on Monday FAB received a message on her voicemail that Pa had passed away peacefully in his sleep. Yes Pa, FABMommy's father, the very man who assured FAB that it was indeed okay to cut off the icky rinds from her otherwise perfect creamy chunk of brie, thus changing my life forever. This means that I am back in my home planet of New York much earlier than expected and with still one more paper to write. This also means that I will be sitting shiva Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. So the question is this: we are willing to sacrifice the latke-fest, but can we attend Blogmukkah on Saturday night and still get home in time to sit shiva in an appropriately and respectfully un-hungover fashion?*

*Gina has suggested that we simply not drink very much and leave early, but I think we all know how ridiculously unplausible that is.

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