Thursday, December 15, 2005

Royal Flush 

Ashley disses Karl.

Did someone say Jackson Family tv pilot?

KFed thinks he deserves $125 million in a divorce.

Gwen Stefani has one in production.

Quiznos is up for grabs. Mmm...toasty.

Arctic Monkeys reveal new tracklist.

A Happy Hipster Hanukkah.

Pitchfork reviews the Clientele's collection of tour goodies.

Slate Magazine's picks the best books of 2005.

New Superman Brandon Routh is all man. Hello Brandon.

Guide to Getting Around during the MTA strike.

Tom Cruise offers cooking oil for smoke inhalation. Firefighters not amused.

Are the Braves on the market?

Nicole Kidman engaged to cowboy?

Catfight breaks out between bands at catwalkers'holiday party.

The Privy Council is poised and ready to pee.

Laguna Beach residents not that happy about Laguna Beach.

Lance Armstrong to stand trial for defamation.

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