Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too Little Too Late 

Sienna Miller finally comes to her senses.

Heeb Magazine's Heeb Storytelling night is tonight at Star Bar in L5P. Go find FAB a husband.

Page Six is "happy to report that [Brittany] Murphy never used heroin or had sex with a strange man in a stairwell." Sure they are.

Ten reasons to drink during the holidays. As if we need them.

Hef claims Playboy has helped women more than men. No mention of pubescent boys.

How to make a bike charger for your ipod. (via largeheartedboy)

Parisian chicks don't give it up for 50.

Billboard Music Awards, Greenday, blah blah blah.

Eminem and Kim to make it official, again. And they said he was retiring. Feh.

Franz Ferdinand release new live tracks on their website.

In related news, Page Sixers prove they're even stupider and more irresponsible than they look.*

Jacko shame spiral continues.

Adam Sandler to become big daddy.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen make it official, the divorce, that is.

Paris Hilton: Still a waste of space. But just think what she's doing for the economy.

Brandon Davis: Still a waste of space. But just think what he's doing for the economy.

REM and Wilco get it together.

Indie Interviews does the Long Winters.

Heidi Klum being sued for stealing Project Runway.

*If they'd actually done their research they would find that the WHO presently uses two case definitions of AIDS, the one they refer to here AND one that requires a blood test. The 1985 WHO case definition can be used in low resource settings and, while it does have low sensitivity and specificity, it is not nearly as haphazard as these dipshits would suggest. If, for some reason, you're actually interested, you can read the actual case definitions here.

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