Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back That Ass Up 

Jessica spurns Adam Levine.

Team Roddick-Sharapova

The White Stripes do the Simpsons.

Meter Pops street installation

Michael Bolton gets some from Desperate Housewife.

Colin Meloy hits the road.

Golden Globe breast lowdown.

50 Cent confronts Captain Obvious.

FAB most anticipated reality show of the season Skating With Celebrities debuts tonight on Fox.

Captain Obvious 2, 50 Cent 0.

Chanel gives Reese Kirsten Dunst's sloppy seconds.

Atlanta History Center does the Civil War.

Pitchfork reviews Miles Davis: The Cellar Door Sessions 1970.

William Shatner sells kidney stone.

Indie Interviews Explosions in the Sky.

Princess Madeleine to take the town.

The Sun buys sex slave.

Juvenile arrested.

Wu-Tang Clan to hit the road. Again.

Submissions for artist showcases at the NEMO Music Festival in Boston are now open. (via largehearted boy)

Madonna blames ridiculous workout obsession on guys.

Mariah, Kanye, John Legend to perform at Grammy's.

Hilary Swank hangs on.

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