Monday, January 09, 2006

For Reasons Of Security, Please Do Not To Sit Directly Under Palm Trees 

"As one who adores the male species, I feel compassionately towards them."

Sam Mendes admits the obvious.

We Are Scientists' With Love and Squalor to go public tomorrow.

Read about it on Kiss Atlanta.

In other news, Keith Murray talks to Newday.

Pink marries a dude.

Alex Kapranos labels Liam "neurotic young girl."

Live Pixies ain't half bad.

Britney just adores her new doll.

LiLo does Leo.

Jamie Foxx enjoys being rich.

Kate Beckinsale continues to insist that she's not Kate Winslet.

Macauley pens thinly veiled tale of fucked up family life.

Jermaine Dupri ready to dish.

WHICH hunky actor was known as "garbage [bleep]" back in high school? It seems he was willing to sleep with any girl who would let him, no matter what she looked like...?

Christina strikes back at Kelly Osbourne.

DFA already working on a side project.

ModPod #26.

Arnie falls off his bike.

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