Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Freezes Over 

Jodie Sweetin hits the ice.

Charlotte Church joins dancing reality show.

Aphex Twin to do something new for a change.

Guy gets stuck in frozen Port-a-Potty.

Everybody's talking about the Arctic Monkeys. Still.

Let's talk about them a little more, shall we?

FAB may just like this Shar Jackson girl after all.

Broken Social Scene talks to PopMatters about Broken Social Scene.

Pam and Kanye?

Video of Drew Barrymore spoofing her sagging Globes on SNL.

Will from Imperial Teen karaokes Chewing Gum with Annie herself.

Everybody's talking about the Elected lately. Pitchfork not that impressed.

Nor with Jenny Lewis either.

Kiss Atlanta gives us Tapes 'n Tapes mp3s.

Official leaves NASA to hunt for aliens.

Bridezilla goes apeshit on Star 94.

Red carpet pics from last night's Trumpet Awards.

Kurt Vonnegut talks to NPR about us.

FDA approves OTC diet pill. Where do we line up?

Andrea Bronfman killed by UES gypsy cab.

Train derails in Montenegro.

Canadia goes conservative.

Ron Perelman reverts.

The Strokes hit the Tabernacle March 8.

Get your own rectal exam simulator.

New-ish Of Montreal

Breaking: investigators believe UGA student's mysterious death due to alcohol. No shit, really?

Cell phones are the new lighters.

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