Monday, January 02, 2006

Off the Deep End 

Spears and spawn step out.

Stereogum readers vote Sufjan Mr. Indie Rock 2005. Nobody saw that one coming.

NPR's Morning Edition spotlights Atlanta.

Anybody have the location of the Strokes secret Atlanta show next week?

Henry County plans paintball park.

Obie Trice shot in Detroit.

Eminem preps for his next album.

“Kate finds Jamie very sexy. He has that rock ’n’ roll look she loves. And it makes her feel good that she can pull a 20-year-old.”

San Francisco Chronicle names top pop discoveries for 2006.

Fashion diva Tom Ford pitches a fit.

Talking About How Great You Are And Posting Gratuitous Pics Of Yourself Starfucking Various Boldface Names Is The New Blog.

Georgia introduces NASCAR vanity plates.

Koreans are the new cool.

Breaking: Celebrities Embrace Blow. Like whoa!

South Carolina: giant hotel minibar no longer.

Too much rain in California.

Not enough rain in Oklahoma.

Indie Interviews spotlights Texas.

Former FAB classmate kidnapped and released

Former FAB classmate finds success as a starfucker, probably still pops collar.

Brooklyn Vegan has pics from the CYHSY/The National NYE show that FAB opted not to attend, but doesn't say much about the show itself.

Really Lonely Planet: 16 Travel Tips for the Developing World.

Gwyneth returns to the fold.

Zapatistas step out.

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