Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So They Say 

Brad places world's hottest bun in the oven.

France has big dicks. South Korea has little dicks.

Cool street art photos at Netherworld Online. (via gothamist)

Drive By Trucker guests lectures
in UGA's new Music Business Certificate class. (via largehearted boy)

Pete Doherty pleads guilty.

Guess how Marion Barry did on his drug test.

Telemarketer counter-script.

Levi's introduces iPod jeans.

Brit Awards nominations.

BET swears its Lil' Kim reality show about going to prison won't glorify Lil' Kim going to prison.

Mr. Blackwell's Best and Worst of 2005.

Vanity Fair's LiLo cover article is all lies. She never had an eating disorder OR a drug problem. Obvs.

George Bush I to dedicate UGA building.

NME Chart 2006.

Naomi Campbell overcomes fear of death by putting makeup on a dead woman.

Courtney Love loses house.

Jessica Simpson sells love nest.

Nick is over blondes.

Kate Beckinsale is insecure

Mariah, Kanye, Alicia Keys lead NAACP Image Award nominations. In other news, Mariah and Alicia are black.

Saddle Creek launches Digital Vinyl program.

Indie Interviews has Jana Hunter

Dave Navarro attacked by really tall dude.

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