Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wait, You Want Me To Use Your Easy Button To Find My Easy Button? 

La Lohan and Kate Moss nearly tear a hole in the universe.

Nick admits what no man should admit.

Are you a Yindie? (via largehearted boy)

Harry Winston follows FAB to Atlanta.

New Pantheon Award finalists announced.

7% of workers drink on the job. That's all?

Kiss Atlanta reviews the Strokes live show at the Loft

Criteria to hit the Earl on Jan 25th.

Britney exposes the world to Sean Preston.

Jake Gyllenhaal openly admits he shagged Chelsea Clinton. (via Popbitch)

In other news, Sony Music targets the gays.

Brit Awards planners hope Paris will bring the stupid.

Sam Mendes may

Pitchfork wants you to discover Belle and Sebastian all over again live.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival to tear a hole in the universe.

Pete Doherty stands up Stoke.

Hot in 2006: Celebrity Potheads.

Gwinnett drug busts reach all time high.

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