Friday, January 20, 2006

Wallowing in Adultolescence 

Last night, FAB kicked on a pair of strappy heels, skinny jeans, and a respectable shirt and headed out to an area we generally avoid due to irrational fears stemming from our brief stint working at SalomanMorganStearnsBarney, Midtown Atlanta. First stop was an open house party at the newly opened Spire Building across from the apparently famous Metropolis. We knew nothing about either the party or the building except that there would be free alcohol. And free alcohol was there ever.

The management of the Spire property had apparently thrown this party for its tenants, all of whom had moved in within the last two months, and their friends in an effort to fill the remaining 100-odd vacancies in the building. Rubbing shoulders with guys in crisp button downs and/or ties and girls in cute skirts and heels sent me on acid-like flashback to junior year of college when I spent many evenings playing at adulthood while loitering around the bar of the W Union Square sipping expensive martinis paid for by visiting businessmen and stealing apples for the decorative fruit display in the hotel lobby.

Even as the party moved to nearby midtown lounge-type establishments, I found that I could hold my own in pretending that I too was an adult who could plausibly live in a sparkling new building that seemed to be slightly more grown up version of what New Yorkers of a certain vintage derisively refer to as Superdorm or Dormandie. If Dormandie Court is the dumping ground for the thousands of recent college grads who move to Manhattan to make their way at various ad firms and paralegal positions, the Spire Building is the getting off point for young single professionals who are actually doing fairly well for themselves but still like to party. Yes, FAB was convincingly playing the part of a real live grown-up, blending seamlessly into the midtown scene, that is, until the business cards came out.

If I'm going to venture into midtown again, perhaps I should have some cards printed up that read Fat Asian Baby: Freelance Law and Order Consultant, Anything you want to know about any episode in any of the Dick Wolf franchises just so I don't feel left out during the inevitable business card exchange orgy.

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