Monday, February 27, 2006

All I Wanna Do 

Homophobic and quite possibly mentally challenged Clay Aiken fans want their money back after meeting of the minds with Captain Obvious.

Kate Moss gets cozy with rollerskating king Albert Hammond, Jr.

State and local officials opt for NASCAR Hall of Fame over sweet Calatrava home for ASO. FAB wants to kick them in the teeth.

NYTimes Mag takes a really long time to talk about the scene shifting indie music coming out of Canadia. I think they might be onto something here. Like a eighteen months ago.

Watch Panda kindergarten video. FAB wants a baby panda.

Watch Colin Meloy singing in an elevator. FAB wants face time.

Robert Pollard talks to PopMatters about his side project.

MC Hammer has a blog
, which, for those of you who don't know is like a kind of online journal or media outlet that is generally devoid of any sort of journalistic standards.

Britney Spears: class act.

KFed: still thinks he's black.

Paris (the city) panoramas.

George Michael jumps on the bandwagon.

Petra Nemcova pulls the oldest trick in the book.

Ciao Milano. Hello Brooklyn?

Drew Lachey wins Dancing with the Stars even though he's not actually a star.

Watch homemade We Are Scientists video.

Dining with giraffes.

Chloe Sevigny says she's uncomfortable with sex scenes unless they're necessary, doesn't explain thematic significance of Brown Bunny.

Fake Scientists talk Aesoteric Records, MySpace, OEM radio, and labels.

Art Frahm in goth.

Rufus Wainwright to cover Judy Garland, natch.

Sheryl Crow undergoes surgery for breast cancer.

Brad and Angelina register at Tiffanys.

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