Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. 

Stripping for Tom Ford
is so hot right now.

Ashley Olsen: crazed troll.

Popbitch blind item: Which popstar, egged on by Stella McCartney, "accidentally" stubbed her cigarette out on Heather Mills wooden foot at her and Macca's wedding?

Naomi Campbell's "tongue too big for her mouth", forehead too big for her face.

CaCee Cobb finally nails Nick. Jessica less than thrilled.

Massive Attack grows.

The Killers' next effort to be more American, whatever that means.

From the makers of Hampster Dance comes Mohammad Dance. Yeah.

Kiss Atlanta interviews Engineering.

Turning the tables, Katie Couric gets crapped upon. Watch the video.

Apparently the Grammy's were last night. But you weren't watching either. Anyway, Hollywood Rag has pictures of the famous people all dressed up which is all that really matters anyway.

Built to Spill at the Variety May 12th.

Ben Harper prepares to dump new stuff on the public.

FAB sadly notes the passing of the tortilla chip inventor.

Sign up now for the Air Guitar Championship next week at the 40 Watt.

Retarded man can't ride moped again

Benicio rides again.

Ryan Adams reels her in.

Apparently ugly patterns are back at Bryant Park only this time they're, like, totally edgy and new and stuff.

Flaming Lips take on pop culture.

Pete Doherty plays "freedom gig" in London celebrating his brave triumph over state oppression and whatnot.

Indie Interviews J. Tillman.

For female rappers, it all comes down to tits and ass.

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