Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beyonce, Can You Handle This? 

The Kid Rock/Scott Stapp sex tape emerges. Yeah, you heard me" the Kid Rock/Scott Stapp SEX TAPE. Eeeeesh.

Looking for a good hearty chuckle? Check out the nominations for the Canadian Grammy's Juno Awards. Cause it's not like there's any good music coming out of Canada these days or anything like that. No siree!

Coldplay bows out? For now. The label strikes back.

RIAA shoves pole farther up collective ass.

UGA fucks up

Bridget Moynihan still clinging to Tom Brady.

Mary Jane: Washington State's #8 agricultural commodity.

Kaiser Chiefs rule the Brits. The Sun's Brit Awards slideshow.

Prince demands purple carpet treatment.

Also spotted at the Brit Awards: Paris Hilton's boobies.

Some people thought Kelly Osbourne looked radiant. FAB agrees. But we can't help but wonder why one's awards show fake hair updo must also include a bow made out of fake hair? Was that really necessary?

Red Carpet photos from the event here.

Ogle Andy Roddick while he works out.

Colin Farrell crashes cop funeral in FAB's hometown.

The New Yorker checks out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new ditties.

Courtney Love sheds some weight.
Koch prefers fat. So does FAB. In other news, FAB wishes Fresh Direct would come to Atlanta.

Test Icicles mania at Pitchfork.

Two Atlantans in the American Idol top 24.

Get thee ready for the Inman Park Tree Huggers Ball.

Austin Ray takes on the Arctic Monkeys in Prefix.

XM Radio getting mauled by Sirius.

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