Friday, February 10, 2006

Come Again? 

Jessica Alba. Cover. Playboy. FAB wonders what's inside.

Emo Care Bears (via Best Week Ever)

Inman Park tightasses form Graffiti Eradication Team. Feh.

The Daily News exposes Bobby Brown's kids' Myspace profiles.

Most of Glide's 10 to Watch in 2006 already came.

Gael Greene plated Clint Eastwood back in the day.

Hall & Oates do Will & Grace
French fry encrusted corn dogs brought to you by Korea, naturally.

Male whales much like men.

Bloombie fires city employee for playing Solitaire. Free Cell so much better.

After slamming the White Stripes Coke sellout, Oasis sells soul to AT&T.

Paper deeply regrets publishing "Meth Made Easy" cover story.

Government documents indicate the obvious.

Diana DeGarmo joins the cast of Hairspray.

Athens Exchange reviews Kill Gordon and Sovus Radio.

The Arctic Monkeys heart Richard Ashcroft.

Arctic Monkeys: The Movie.

Joy Division: The Movie

Kanye fancies himself Biblical.

Hillary Duff's chicklets. Discuss.

Josh Hartnett thought Pearl Harbor sucked too.

How to fold a fitted sheet. Thanks.

Kiss Atlanta hearts Andrew Bird.

Let's talk about Indie Rock bands with "Wolf" in their names.

Listen to Panic! At the Disco. Coming soon to the Masquerade.

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