Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Don't Fly Too Close to the Sun 

Paris shows us her undies. In other news, Paris is actually wearing undies as opposed to, um, here (NSFW).

Test Icicles can't handle the heat.

Nick Denton and his ginormous head poised for world domination.

Waffle House joins the 20th century.

the ATL trailer.

Roberto Cavalli on trial for fraud. No word on whether he will also be charged with defrauding the public into sporting his atrociously tacky line.

Jens Lekman gets back on the horse

Pete Doherty photographed smoking crack. World shocked and deeply disappointed. Really.

Apparently we're still discussing whether or not Nicole Kidman is going to pull a Renee as if it's news.

Speaking of which, O Brother what art thou thinking?

Oyster traces New York social, economic, and environmental history.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs give an FU to the Southeast.

The AJC's live music picks.

GNR to headline UK Download festival.

Cable and Tweed talks Luigi

H&H Bagels ready to be sliced.

Let's talk soup.

Former Killers manager sues for $16 mil.

Avril all growed up.

Two new podcasts at Indie Interviews: Tapes 'n Tapes and Catfish Haven.

Aquarium gets big ass reef fish.

NYTimes mag slideshow
of 2005's great performers.

Kid Rock sues to stop the five people who haven't yet seen his sex romp with Scott Stapp and actually would pay money for the honor.

In related news, KissAtlanta shares everything you didn't necessarily want to know about Scott Stapp.

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