Friday, February 24, 2006

Ear Notes: Weekend Edition 

Tonight FAB recommends checking out local goodies Harrison Hudson, Morning State, and Sovus Radio at the 10 High.

FAB also recommends checking out Luigi and Moresight who will be supporting Untied States' CD release at the Earl. Cable and Tweed has some track samples from Untied States and Luigi.

Also, the newly reunited Californias will be playing at the Velvet Underground with some other bands that we variously don't know or cannot endorse but we won't say which is which.

Willie Nelson
will be at the Tabernacle.

And while we don't endorse either show, we've been waiting all day just to tell you that Scott Stapp will be at the Roxy tonight and that Kid Rock will be at the Gwinnett Arena tomorrow night. Boom.

But seriously folks, tomorrow FAB recommends the Gates of Berlin, Ocha La Rocha, and Variac at Vinyl.

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