Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back 

Thanks to a last minute intervention by Lillian at Criminal Records, FAB was able to make it to the Earl last night. While Electric Six was billed as the headliner, the real act to see was She Wants Revenge. Due to 99x's heavy rotation of the band's single, Tear You Apart, the show was packed with a drunken contingent that seemed to have made a wrong turn on its way to a Buckhead frat party. Despite the irritating grinding, jumping, bumping, and shouting of obnoxious concert-goers, She Wants Revenge delivered a decently solid set. Maybe the bands brought their own sound team, but for once, the sound at the Earl didn't seem as though it had been processed through a meat grinder and taken a tumble in the dryer before passing through the house amps. FAB wasn't blown away, but we enjoyed Justin Warfield's Paul Banksesque affectless delivery. Though to be honest, we'd still rather be with Paul.
Leah has a review of the surprisingly delightful first band, Rock Kills Kid.

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