Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Full Monty 

Scarlett and Keira take it off for Graydon.

Street art in the former USSR.

From Cocaine to Foie Gras. Seriously.

Watch Ok Go's funny dancing video which has actually been out for months but for some reason is just now resurfacing on the internets.

Cat Power cancels US tour.

Atlanta Music Guide features the Modern Society.

Rough and tumble Paris on Paris action.

Pitchfork reviews new Prefuse 73.

Atlanta hosts Mrs. King's going away party. AJC coverage.

Reasons for visiting Macon Georgia
(via metblogs via goldenfiddle).

My Morning Jacket to release demos.

Stereophonics to release live bits.

Princess Kiko gets knocked up, upstages Michiko.

The Beatles edge out Shakespeare and the local pub for most British.

Brit needs a carseat

Jack Black raised in a sex cult.

Ipods in the office.

Madge pushes Mimi out
of the Grammy's opening slot.

Stream the Darkness.

Daisy snarks back at Sienna.

Reese's pesky paparazzo bites the big one.

Kiss Atlanta reviews the Selmanaires.

Neko Case to hit the Variety on April 14th.

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