Friday, February 17, 2006

Halfway There 

Halle at Hasty Pudding doing God knows what to her girls.

Stylus' Top Ten Music & Food/Drink Combo Meals

Britney fears she's the next Princess Di. Snicker.

Daily Candy is coming to Atlanta. Bout time. Now all we need is Fresh Direct.

So um, Stereogum has the Stapp/Rock sex tape. Proceed at your own caution.

Scientists and Monkeys are friends.

Kylie's back.

Lisa Marie marries another Michael.

Somehow, despite being scheduled for a photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair, Keira Knightley didn't find it necessary to shave her legs beforehand. Gee, how down to earth of you Keira. I bet you also don't think you're attractive and gorge yourself on crumpets while not exercising, right?

Penis restaurant open for business in Beijing. Mmmm.

Pitchfork hearts Man Man.

Naomi Campbell strikes again.

Watch the Victoria Secret fashion show.

Guy falls off Buckhead balcony. Doesn't make it.

"They're everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art." - David LaChapelle, on Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. (via Popbitch). Wait, did he say art?

Georgia may ban pot flavored lollies.

Coldpoo billboard. (via What We All Want)

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