Monday, February 20, 2006

Making Amends 

On Friday, after much aggravation, FAB finally had the wherewithal and, more importantly, the time to brave the Lenox Square Mall and venture back to the den of despair, the Apple Store. Despite the fact that I had made an appointment the night before for 2:30 that afternoon so I wouldn't have to wait, I waited for about 40 minutes before one of their geniuses would see me. (Sweet God, are we seriously expected to refer to their pimply employees as "geniuses" in the privacy of our own minds without so much as a snide sidelong sneer?) At any rate, after I bitched out said employee about how this was my third trip to an Apple establishment since Jan 1st of this year and how this iPod totally sucks dick and please all I want it to do is to transfer the music in my iTunes and then maybe play this music in the order that I suggest and if it isn't too much of a bother to maybe play each song in its entirety before moving onto the next if that's what pleases me and maybe I am an incompetent iPod parent but am I demanding too much of my iPod? The answer, it turns out, is no (to the last question, at least. I am probably incompetent nonetheless). Einstein took one look at me and promptly produced a brand new iPod which, I'm pleased to report, within an hour and a half of arriving home had managed to accomplish what the previous one had been unable to achieve in a month and a half of aggravation, hair pulling, and sorrow: it transfered my music, all measly 13 GB of it, and I have high hopes that it will actually play it. I think this might be love.

Afterword: Since you probably can't tell from the picture I stole off of Google images, my iPod is of the 40GB variety. Additionally, you most likely don't know the tragic details of the demise of FABiPod the First that involved the sacrifice of all 40 GB of my illegitimately obtained music. For those of us who don't do higher math, I have some 26-odd GB of virginal iPod territory just waiting to be defiled. Feel free to get involved. And many thanks to FABBro without whose intervention I would only have 3 GB. Kisses.

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