Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Out Out Damn Spot 

At first, the British mistook the Strokes for a bunch of nerdy guys from New York which, um, oh nevermind.

Ron O. Revlon dips into Jr. Barkin. In other news, Ellen Barkin cleared a cool $20 million for 6 years of work. Not too shabby.

Gay filmmakers explore Israel's role as both top and bottom.

Pitchfork interviews Jens Lekman

Brangelina to live FAB's dream.

In other news, is Angelina altered?

In a sad day for FAB, the first lady of Southern cooking has passed at the ripe ole age of 89. Please pass the pork.

Sample the new Flaming Lips.

And the award for the worst musical achievement in the last year goes to...

In other news, Pitchfork kicks Elefant in the nuts.

The Olympic approved Jetstream deluxe fur penismuffler, for those really cold days. (via towleroad)

NASCAR driver suddenly meets Captain Obvious.

TSG has Dick's report.

In other news, Jeb Bush makes a funny.

It seems Fergie may actually be a woman after all.

Has Kate Moss relapsed?

US government less impressed with democracy when its team doesn't win.

Pro beach volleyball headed for Atlanta thanks to all our, um, beaches and stuff.

Madonna to wash her hands.

Not just a bitch, but also a slut.

The Independent reviews CYHSY's live show. Yeah, remember them?

Seacrest out with a real live female.

Fake Scientists talk about the Grammys.

Say hello to Brandon Routh. Hello, Brandon.

Lollapalooza confirms for 3 days.

Sheriff's deputy Hulk.

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