Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Sound and the Fury 

KFed makes a new friend.

Mariano Rivera kicks it in New Ro.

Best Buy plays hardball with indie record stores.

Showtime picks up Arrested Development.

LA Times compares Jacko and Oscar Wilde.

Katie tries to free herself of those pesky traumatized alien spirits.

LA Zoo honors Golden Girl.

FAB scary doppelganger can't stop flapping her gums, signifying nothing.

The Vines talk Vision Valley.

GNR leaks to the internet.

L. Lo now "just friends" with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Natch.

Nevermind revisited

The Juan Maclean, Lady Sovereign, She Wants Revenge sign on for M3 Summit.

Daddy Yankee and Shakira headline tonight's Premio Lo Nuestro. FAB wants gasolina.

Another kid bites the dust.

Kid Rock and general public 1
, World Wide Red Light District 0.

Modpod 27 features Matt Pond PA, Animal Collective, Explorers Club, etc.

Westchester Idol Becky O'Donohue poses for Maxim.

Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt suck face for the French.

Big Gay Al's homosexuality starting to take a toll on marriage to Bridezilla.

Download the Break Up Pt. 2 at Up the Tree.

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