Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Internet Connection, You Are NOT "Excellent" 

Pot reaches out for Kettle.

The Sun confirms that Britney really is knocked up again (with priceless pics). As if the Sun can "confirm" anything.

America may have been voted me off American Idol, but "by the blood of Jesus I'm saved." Um, right. Just keep telling yourself that buddy.

Oxford Collapse signs to Sub Pop.

America meets Captain Obvious.

Gridskipper discovers FAB's neighborhood overpriced but still rather tasty bakery. FAB wants the warm roasted lamb sammy.

Paris finally starting to get hers.

Alabama retards may actually have just been drunk.

The Raconteurs debut drops in May.

Tonya Harding is so over it. But FAB's still chuckling.

Pinback readies for the road.

Indie Interviews interviews David Bazan of Pedro the Lion.

NPR, your new music source, has Wednesday's CYHSY show in Washington.

Heatherette decides to move in a new direction, hopefully towards fashion.

Watch the Mark Ronson Radiohead graffiti video thingy.

Jury out on former Mayor Campbell.

Neverland nevermore.

Pitchfork reviews Of Montreal reissues.

Did Indy ask Ally?

Sienna conquers yet another.

Jose Gonzalez to play Summerstage.

DJ AM disses Nicole Richie
. Again.

What in tarnation could LiLo and Lance have to talk about? And Luther Vandross liked the dick.

Apparently Garffleck resides in downtown Savannah.

Has-been rockers reach new low.

Fat Joe bails for Asylum.

Mimi's tongue still flapping in the wind.

Pink's thighs keep flapping in the wind.

Arctic Monkeys plan new EP.

NASA poised to probe Mars.

My Morning Jacket ready to roll.

Savannah music festival gets all, like, ethnic and shit.

Vibe needs a new editor.

The Pixies reunion documentary documents the Pixies reunion. AMANAPLANACANALPANAMA.

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