Friday, March 03, 2006

Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys To Be Girls 

You know you've noticed it. Boys, particularly boys in bands, and particularly those darn boys in them indie rock or emo bands, they're wearing the eyeliner. Makeup. The boys are wearing makeup these days. FAB can't really quite pinpoint when the new wave of madness began in earnest. Maybe with Brandon Flowers. Probably sometime before that. A few people have told me recently that they think boys wearing eyeliner is totally gay, not necessarily gay in the "I'm a homosexual" kind of sense but more in the general "that's lame in a gender bending kind of way" way or "what a fucking tool, dude" way. Personally, FAB thinks some boys look quite fetching in makeup (hello Brandon), and we appreciate the whole putting on makeup because I'm actually performing a show sentiment as opposed to the "Hello my name is Brandon Flowers and I wear eyeliner on my trips to Home Depot" thing. It's interesting to see how rock musicians, traditionally male (yes there are notable exceptions, but bear with me for a moment) with their own bizarre rules of masculinity, would be able to adopt such a traditionally feminine accoutrement (at least feminine in this culture) without compromising their sex appeal. But while FAB may think that makeup can be dead sexy on a guy (did I really just say that?), we should all agree to agree that blonds probably should not jump on the bandwagon.

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