Thursday, March 02, 2006

Media Burp 

Celebrities who have very large heads.

Does Whitney have another crackbun in the oven?

"EDDIE Murphy's ongoing divorce battle could threaten to open the trannie closet from his past - particularly if information from a private eye once retained by the "Beverly Hills Cop" star falls into his estranged wife's hands." Which it certainly won't now that it's been published on Page Six.

You Ain't No Picasso interviews Page France.

Lil' Kim's lil' girls try to escape.

Video shows Bush new Katrina was gonna be "the Big One" even before the storm hit land. Clever little fucker, isn't he?

NY Public Library buys Burroughs archive.

CYHSY to do Letterman tonight.

Arctic Monkeys to do SNL.

AJC rated one of the best blogging newspapers in the country.

McDonald's Tel Aviv to change signs to appear more heckshered.

Of Montreal plan more reissues. MoreMoreMore!

WHICH very married pop superstar played a vigorous game of tonsil hockey with the much-younger drummer in her band at a recent L.A. party?

Apparently the city not as impressed with Del Posto as the NYTimes, FAB.

Blogger blogs defends hipster bloggers blogs. Or something.

As implausible as it sounds, Fall Out Boy to play secret show at the Knit in NY under the name Saved Latin.

As implausible as it sounds, new Pearl Jam drops May 1.

Lollapalooza tickets on sale.

Belle and Sebastian get a "meh" from Pitchfork.

Spin loses Chuck Klosterman.

Unsurprisingly, nobody bought MYSpace Records Vol. 1.

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