Thursday, March 09, 2006

What You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis? 

We know she was wasted, but why was Tara Reid spending the night at Dennis Rodman's in the first place?

Fall Out Boy's Peter Wentz's peter falls out. So naturally he takes a picture. Of himself. Peter.

Mischa tries to trade up.

Angelina reportedly wants an open marriage. Sorry Brad. Get in line.

NPR has downloads
of Belle and Sebastian/the New Pornographers Washington gig and a B&S interview.

Watch the video for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Gold Lion.

At least one person thinks Pete Doherty's doing a good job at shaking the junk. Funny how that one person happens to be his trial judge.

Anorexia, so HOT right now.

Speaking of which, David Katzenberg says MK is "the twee spritethe woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with."

Labels reign in downloads to boost CD sales. CDs? CDs? Oh yeah, I remember CDs.

Former Unicorn Alden Penner gets back on the horse.

Siennaslut apparently available by the hour.

Hasselhoff's wife cries abuse and takes out restraining order.

Brad Pitt picks out baby names

Playboy Vikram Chatwal too partied out for his honeymoon.

For some reason, when experiencing the worst pain known to woman, Katie Holmes thinks Posh Spice would be the perfect companion. As if Posh has ever given birth through her trap door.

Sous vide sous soupçon.

Peace out to Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin
, the Egyptian Poet Laureate.

Jamie Lynn finally steps into the spotlight.

Men's Fashion goes all Brokeback, as if it weren't already, metaphorically speaking.

Eve strikes it up with Ghanaian dictator's son. (via popbitch)

Stereogum has new Built to Spill tracks.

Evolution survives in South Carolina, for now.

Watch this video clip of Asian chicks playing tugowar in bikinis and lube. Natch.

Sex advice from Project Runway stars.

Open containers in your car still legal in Wyoming. That's so brokeback.

U2 cancels gigs. Yawn.

Feist and Jason Collett sign on for Summerstage. Yawn.

MSF benefit CD not half bad
, though FAB still has issues with MSF's mission marketing.

Green Apple Festival lineup set.

Tabernacle adds second Prince show.

Brokeback Mountain parodies.

Lil' Kim writes li'l letter from big house.

Palestinians protest Waters' Israel show.

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