Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Win Some, Lose Some 

Lohan nip slip. Is it just FAB, or is her nipple placed abnormally high on her boob? (click through for larger version).

Apparently at least one person was not happy with Jessica Alba's Playboy debut.

LA Weekly discusses the crossbreeding of literature and pop with Rick Moody, Jonathen Lethem, and John Darnielle.

Indie Access Radio finds Jesus, goes off the air.

KillGordon on the cover of SE Performer.

Americans know more about the Simpsons than the 1st Amendment. Naturally.

Boy on field trip sticks gum on abstract painting. No word on how long it took anyone to notice.

Those crazy Scots to produce 184-proof whiskey. FAB wants to breathe fire.

Jack White accuses
Billy Childish of plagiarism.

Artsy types gone wild.

Franz Ferdinand to release double A-sided single. Double A-sided?

Spin Magazine goes for $5 million. If we'd known it was so cheap we would've taken out a loan oursevles.

You Ain't No Picasso interviews Tapes 'n Tapes.

Shooting outside Kanye gig.

FAB wants Mario Batali as her personal chef. Mmm...Batali.

Mississippi House Public Health Committee votes to ban abortion except to save the mother's life.

The verdict is in: yeo won't ruin your modeling career and everything is well with the universe again.

Speaking of which, Tyra takes it off for tv.

Watch the Microsoft iPod parody.

Mr. and Mrs. Julia Roberts gossip like two little girls.

Watch the Streets' new video for When You Wasn't Famous.

Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy contribute to sweet in-game soundtrack.

Teri Hatcher comes clean about needling truth.

People are talking about Rhett Miller.

Kiss Atlanta gets served.

Gorillaz to play the Apollo.

Kids build soybean-fueled car that can do 0 to 60 in four.

Madonna to do Coachella.

Be in a Shakira video

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