Friday, December 29, 2006

Ear and Liver Notes, But Mostly Ear 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTonight, Confessions of a Music Addict is hosting a special showcase, which coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, coincides (fine, not a coincidence then) with LB's birthday.
So tonight, head over to The 585 to hear Chris Unck and the Black Roses, League of Evil, The Beggars' Guild, and Rantings of Eva. There will be two kegs or you can BYO whatever it is you want to imbibe.
Saturday night, head on down to your favorate inebriated imaginary equine-named dump/venue to catch The Booze (mmm...booze) and The Coat Hangers.
New Year's Eve is hands down the most overrated party night of the year. So go out. Do your thing. The same kind of thing you do every weekend. But more. Oh so much more. You have two great music options for this last night of 2006. FAB recommends heading over to the horsey bar to catch Atlanta's favorite sons Snowden, Deerhunter, and Gringo Star (nee A Fir-Ju Well) or going to The EARL to see The Selmanaires, Tenement Halls, and Thee Crucials. Good choices all around, dotcha think?

FAB herself hopes to be heading to the hills to eat donuts.

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