Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where East Coast Business Meets West Coast What? 

Surely by now you've seen the trailers for the Apprentice Season 6, which premieres this Sunday. In one of his ingenious attempts to stay relevant or something, the Donald has whipped out the big guns. What big guns, you ask? In this newest incarnation, wait for it, Donald is whoring out his Anna-Kournikova-of-the-business-world daughter, and loser apprentices don't just, like, lose and stuff; they have to go camping. And totally cook all their meals on a charcoal grill.
That's so gnarly, dude.

Also, FAB particularly enjoyed this photo we poached from the miscellaneous reaches of cyberspace in which a Photoshop neophyte has mated Goofy Donald with Magic Airbrushed Noseless Floaty Album-Cover Ivanka.
We may not be too bright ourselves, but we know edgy modern art genius when we see it.

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