Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And Speaking of G-A-Y... 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe AFA (American Family Association) has sent out a one-question survey asking, "If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda*, would you:

Naturally, The AFA is expecting an overwhelming majority of respondents to say that they would be "less-likely" to do business with a company if they knew it supported the "homosexual agenda." So far, they are getting the results they're looking for, confirming what they already think. (Duh!) Of course, they are only sending it where they will get the expected results.

So what's the game? Let's fuck with them a little. Let's change the outcome by completing the ONE question survey.

Just make sure you use an email address you keep for junk mail. Otherwise you'll have to send a blank "unsubscribe" mail to them to stay off their mailing list.

*Um, so, like, what is the homosexual agenda anyway? Washboard abs for all? Accessible interior design principles? Butt sex? What?

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