Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Praise the Lord! 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhen we checked our email first thing this morning, FAB was delighted to discover an email announcing tour dates for Mika, who, as anyone who's been within ear- or email-shot of FAB within the last two months knows, is The New Gay* Hotness. To put this in terms you, dear reader, might understand, we actually sent an email to our gym, yes, for some reason we actually belong to a gym, and told them that they should pick up the new album, Life in Cartoon Motion, the day it came out cause it actually almost made us feel like we wanted to get our cardio on. We even had his single, "Grace Kelly" rocking the MySpace page for about a month, just because it made FAB want to get up and do a little dance behind the desk...and that's no small feat, my friends.
It was as if God had dropped a little present into our inbox just to make us smile.

Anyway, listen up folks, Mika will be hitting both New York AND Atlanta this June.

Fri. June 15 New York/ Nokia Theater
Sat. June 16 Atlanta/ Center Stage

We're a little technologically retarded, so while we try and figure out how to post mp3s on this here blog, check out his MySpace. And pick up yer tickets. This is gonna be awesome.

*This is by no means a definitive statement on Mika's sexuality, per se. It's all about the music. It is G-A-Y. And so v. v. awesome.

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